Feb 15

magento — translate words into other language for payment module

my new mangento payment module need multiple language support.Magento interface is translated with CSV localization files which was stored at the location of app/locale/[lang_folder],ie app/locale/en_us.OR you can use the built-in Inline translation tool which store the translation pair into database.it’s much more convenience to translate via Csv localization files than the inline translation tool when you want to translate lots of string at a time.

First, i create an empty csv file named Mzcart_Pagbrasil.csv in app/locale/en_us/.I add a translation for test purpose:

“Powered by Pagbrasil”,”Powered by Pagbrasil—-”

Second,to make the new added csv localization file visible to magento, i need to update the config xml file of this module.add the config below to config.xml file under  config >> frontend path.


However,  the string “Powered by Pagbrasil” was not translated. I did clear the cache. After googling for a long time without any clue, i added a new string and it was translated,but the first string still not changed.

“Powered by Pagbrasil”,”Powered by Pagbrasil—-”        >>>>>>> still not translated.
“Please pay your order now”,”Please pay your order now@@@@@@@@@@@@”

what’s the problem?the problem is that php does not support utf8 with bom. a BOM-ed UTF-8 string will start with the three following bytes EF BB BF. php will treat this bytes as file content.this lead to the mismatch of the first string. you may find that all lang file provided by magento all encoded in utf8 without bom.

For more info you may refer to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2223882/whats-different-between-utf-8-and-utf-8-without-bom

Feb 13

magento — how to get Vat number/tax id

i am developing a new payment module under magento.Everything going through well as usual.However, this new payment module require a cutomer tax id. by default,magento didn’t show this field for customer.To make it available for all customer,log into magento backend, goto

System > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration > Create New Account Options [tab]

change the config of “Show VAT Number on Frontend” to “yes”.

so how to get the new added filed — customer vat number/taxt id.you need to get billing or shipping model first.the code below as an example.

$billing  = $this->getOrder()->getBillingAddress();



Oct 23

whm/cpanel – SoftException in Application.cpp: Directory / is not owned by

in a sudden,all website throw out “500 internal server error”. i got those message from apache error log:

[Tue Oct 22 16:28:27 2013] [error] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:592: Directory / is not owned by falc0961
[Tue Oct 22 16:28:27 2013] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: index.php

Yes, the php is runnning in su_php mode. so this maybe caused by permission.i got no clue after i check the doc root of the related website. the owner and permission is ok.

At last i put my attention on the error log

—- SoftException in Application.cpp:592: Directory / is not owned by falc0961.

i don’t know why it check the root directory.but when i found out that the root is belong to some user id other than root user.so i fix the problem with the simple chown command as:

chown root.root /

(it was casued by copying some directory content to root directory,which overwrite the . file.)


Oct 17

linux — forward user email

To forward user’s email,just put an .forward file with the email addr in the user’s home diretory.If this not work for your server,Make sure the .forward file is belong to the user you want to forward email.for example,if you want to forward all email for user testuser, change current working directory to /home/testuser,touch a .forward file.

# cd /home/testuser
# touch .forward
# echo ‘abctest@abc.com’ >> .forward
# chown testuser.testuser .forward
# chmod 664 .forward

if this not work,you may check the log file located at /var/log/maillog for more info.

And keep in mind,only in a Postfix/Sendmail system it is sendmail command that utilies this file.For other situation,you may check the related document.


Apr 25

Linux — how to know if php run as cgi or module

For some reason you want to know how is php working with web server like apache. if you are the people who config the server,you got the answer in your head. what if you are not? well,php have a function for this:


Per php manual,call this function will returns the type of interface between web server and PHP

Source code    

The section below is take from the php manual:
Although not exhaustive, the possible return values include aolserver, apache, apache2filter, apache2handler, caudium, cgi (until PHP 5.3), cgi-fcgi, cli, continuity, embed, isapi, litespeed, milter, nsapi, phttpd, pi3web, roxen, thttpd, tux, and webjames.

When php run in CGI mode( or any other mode other that module mode), you can not set php config via php_value directive in the .htaccess file.

you can also take a look at the phpinfo page to decide how php is working with your webserver.

Mar 25

zen cart — How to Add a Sidebox to Zen Cart

One of the best way to customize Zen Cart is to create a new Sidebox.A Zen Cart sidebox is what displays various contents in the left or right columns of your Zen Cart store. By default numerous sideboxes will show in either the left or right column of a Zen Cart online store. The followings are some of the most popular zen cart sidebox — The categories sidebox, the search sidebox, and the information sidebox. Zen cart comes with some builtin sidebox which could be a good tutor to start to learn how to add a new sidebox to Zen Cart.

A sidebox consists of three files which are located in the includes directory:

  1. modules/sideboxes/YOUR_TEMPLATE/new_sidebox.php
  2. languages/english/extra_definitions/YOUR_TEMPLATE/new_sidebox_defines.php
  3. templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/sideboxes/tpl_new_sidebox.php

The ‘new’ up there should be replaced with your own sidebox name.


Source code    
 $show_new_sidebox = true;
 if ($show_new_sidebox == true){
   $current_page_base,'sideboxes'). '/tpl_new_sidebox.php');
   //do some db query and other processing here
   $left_corner = false;
   $right_corner = false;
   $right_arrow = false;
   require($template->get_template_dir($column_box_default, DIR_WS_TEMPLATE,
   $current_page_base,'common') . '/' . $column_box_default);


Source code    
  define('BOX_HEADING_NEW_SIDEBOX', 'Gallery');


Source code    
 $content = <<< End_Of_Quote
  Enter your sidebox content here
Dec 06

linux — How to extract specified file/directory from a tar ball

well,you got a big tar ball file,but in fact you only need some special file or directory.Then you don’t want to extract  all files from the tar ball if it’s a big file.so how to get specified file or directory from a tar ball?

tar command allows to extract a single file or directory using the following format. It works under UNIX, Linux, and BSD operating systems.

tar xvf big.tar filename
tar -zxvf abc.tar.gz directory-name
tar -zxvf abc.tar.gz path/to/directory-name -C /tmp

Keep in mind that both the filename and directory-name should be existed in the tar ball file,and the path is relative to the tar ball root.

Aug 23

linux — how to exclude directory or files when bakup with rsync

rsync has been heavily used in server daily backup.I am not going to list all option of rsync. i just don’t want to backup some useless file such as cache and log file.

In a typical backup situation, you might want to exclude one or more files (or directories) from the backup. You might also want to exclude a specific file type from rsync.

To exclude a special directory,take a look at the command below:

Source code    
rsync -avze 'ssh -p7788' --exclude 'dir_abc'  /home/www  root@ip:/home/bak/

This command will not sync the /home/www/dir_abc

You can use * to match multiple directory to exclude like this:

Source code    
rsync -avze 'ssh -p7788' --exclude 'dir_*'  /home/www  root@ip:/home/bak/

You can also use multiple –exclude option to exclude:

Source code    
rsync -avze 'ssh -p7788' --exclude 'dir_abc' --exclude 'webcache' --exclude '*.log' /home/www  root@ip:/home/bak/

Keep in mind that rsync will always treat the value of the –exclude option as relative to the bakup dir even though you specified a absolute path,so

if there is a dir1 directory in /home/www

Source code    
rsync -avze --exclude '/home/www/dir1' /home/www /home/bak

rsync will explain /home/www/dir1 as /home/www/home/www/dir1,but this is not what you want.when you specified the path for –exclude option,make sure it’s relative to the source data diretory.this action will not be affected by add / to the exclude path.

Aug 09

zen cart — Basic search engine optimisation guide for zen cart

Meta tag optimisation

It’s important that meta tag tile and meta tag description contain enough search information for the search engine to index each product effectively,whilst also enticing browser to visit your site.

The meta tag tile and meta tag description are set up to automatically to show product name and descrition when you setting up product to your zen cart store.You can further enhance these tags for specific categories and products by clicking on ‘Meta Tags defined’ button in the catalog listing page within zen cart.

It’s normally advisalbe to show the product name,category and manufacturer in the Meta tag Title.The meta tag description should contain the product name and it’s main features.

product name optimisation

It’s important to include keywords in the product and category name.For example, a product with name ’30 x 78 mm (xyz666)  1 ply Till Roll’ will gain more search engine score than a name with ’30 x 78 mm (xyz666)’ without keywords.

product description optimisation

It’s beneficial to list keywords associated with a product in product description. This can be further enhanced by making the products keywords bold.or even more,you can consider randomly insert variant forms of the product keywords to the product descrption.