linux — how to exclude directory or files when bakup with rsync

rsync has been heavily used in server daily backup.I am not going to list all option of rsync. i just don’t want to backup some useless file such as cache and log file.

In a typical backup situation, you might want to exclude one or more files (or directories) from the backup. You might also want to exclude a specific file type from rsync.

To exclude a special directory,take a look at the command below:

Source code    
rsync -avze 'ssh -p7788' --exclude 'dir_abc'  /home/www  root@ip:/home/bak/

This command will not sync the /home/www/dir_abc

You can use * to match multiple directory to exclude like this:

Source code    
rsync -avze 'ssh -p7788' --exclude 'dir_*'  /home/www  root@ip:/home/bak/

You can also use multiple –exclude option to exclude:

Source code    
rsync -avze 'ssh -p7788' --exclude 'dir_abc' --exclude 'webcache' --exclude '*.log' /home/www  root@ip:/home/bak/

Keep in mind that rsync will always treat the value of the –exclude option as relative to the bakup dir even though you specified a absolute path,so

if there is a dir1 directory in /home/www

Source code    
rsync -avze --exclude '/home/www/dir1' /home/www /home/bak

rsync will explain /home/www/dir1 as /home/www/home/www/dir1,but this is not what you want.when you specified the path for –exclude option,make sure it’s relative to the source data diretory.this action will not be affected by add / to the exclude path.

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