Apr 23

zen cart — adapt zen cart to switch template based upon parameter

well,as a zen cart developer,you may have lots of zen cart template. Don’t you bother with  zen cart installation. Though you can make a batch script to generate mass zen cart websites, it will take you a lot of disk space and make you headache while searching for a special zen cart template.

so why not keep all the zen cart template in a single zen cart website.when you need to test some special zen cart template,specify a parameter with the value of template name and zen cart will take the parameter as the current template,no bother to do zen cart admin setting once and once again.

so how? the adoption of the zen cart core code is simple,as below:

Copy includes/init_includes/init_templates.php to includes/init_includes/overrides/init_templates.php,change the code like below:

$sql = “select template_dir
where template_language = ‘” . $_SESSION['languages_id'] . “‘”;
$template_query = $db->Execute($sql);
if ($template_query->RecordCount() > 0) {
$template_dir = $template_query->fields['template_dir'];

// customized by georgezheng
if (isset($_GET['t'])  && $_GET['t'] != ” ) {
$temp = trim($_GET['t']);
$_SESSION['t'] = $temp;
} elseif ( isset($_SESSION['t']) &&  $_SESSION['t'] != ” ) {
$temp = $_SESSION['t'];
} else {
$temp = ”;

if ( $temp != ” && is_dir(DIR_WS_TEMPLATES . $temp) ) {
$template_dir = $temp;

save,then browse your zen cart website with url like this http://www.abcdomain.com/?t=temp1.zen cart will looking for the template temp1,if exists temp1 will be set as current template for this session.

Apr 19

linux — rsync backup withou rsync daemon

i run rsync over ssh to do daily backup with the following command,

rsync -avze ‘ssh -p5000′ [USER@]HOST:SRC… [DEST]

it works ok except that when you remove file/dir from src,it can not be mapped to DESC. To make the deletion affect to the DEST backup,you need to add the –delete option.

rsync -ave ‘ssh -p5000′ –delete user@host:src  desc


Apr 17

Linux – Centos 6 Obtain DHCP IP Address using console

I just install a minimal CentOS 6 in my virtualbox. then i found yum did not work due to the network setting.After google,i got this –

When doing a minimal install on Centos 6, the server is not set to use DHCP by default. Most servers use static IP addresses,

First,  edit /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-eth0 and change ONBOOT variable to yes. Then just restart the nework service.

> vi /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-eth0

> service network restart  OR
>/etc/init.d/network restart

you can also try to run

> dhcpclient

Mar 27

zen cart — How to determine if current page is HomePage?

sometims,you need to know if the current page is homepage. for example,you don’t want to show some special content in the homepage,then you need to know whether the current page is homepage.

From zen cart source code,i got some idea,see it below


Source code    
$this_is_home_page = ($current_page=='index' && (!isset($_GET['cPath'])) && (!isset($_GET['manufacturers_id'])) && (!isset($_GET['typefilter'])) );

so we can get the result from $this_is_home_page.  this is a global varaible,so you can access it if it’s initiated.


Mar 25

zen cart — How to Add a Sidebox to Zen Cart

One of the best way to customize Zen Cart is to create a new Sidebox.A Zen Cart sidebox is what displays various contents in the left or right columns of your Zen Cart store. By default numerous sideboxes will show in either the left or right column of a Zen Cart online store. The followings are some of the most popular zen cart sidebox — The categories sidebox, the search sidebox, and the information sidebox. Zen cart comes with some builtin sidebox which could be a good tutor to start to learn how to add a new sidebox to Zen Cart.

A sidebox consists of three files which are located in the includes directory:

  1. modules/sideboxes/YOUR_TEMPLATE/new_sidebox.php
  2. languages/english/extra_definitions/YOUR_TEMPLATE/new_sidebox_defines.php
  3. templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/sideboxes/tpl_new_sidebox.php

The ‘new’ up there should be replaced with your own sidebox name.


Source code    
 $show_new_sidebox = true;
 if ($show_new_sidebox == true){
   $current_page_base,'sideboxes'). '/tpl_new_sidebox.php');
   //do some db query and other processing here
   $left_corner = false;
   $right_corner = false;
   $right_arrow = false;
   require($template->get_template_dir($column_box_default, DIR_WS_TEMPLATE,
   $current_page_base,'common') . '/' . $column_box_default);


Source code    
  define('BOX_HEADING_NEW_SIDEBOX', 'Gallery');


Source code    
 $content = <<< End_Of_Quote
  Enter your sidebox content here
Mar 23

zen cart — how to get the url of the current page

i want to set a anchor in all page.so when the user click on the anchor,it will bring user back to the head of the current page.i just don’t want to call too much javascript code.

Source code    
<a href="#backhome">Back to top</a>

The code up there not work.As the browser will fix the anchor url  which cut the current url from last slash.for example

http://www.abcdomain.com/product-one_p_29.html   => http://www.abcdomain.com/#backhome

http://www.abcdomain.com/category1/product-one_p_29.html => http://www.abcdomain.com/category1/#backhome

$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] stores the url from the root, see example below

http://www.abcdomain.com/product-one_p_29.html => product-one_p_29.html
http://www.abcdomain.com/category1/product-one_p_29.html  =>

so the anchor snippet code can be adapter to the following code

Source code    
<a href="<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']?>#backhome">Back to top</a>



Mar 22

php — how to check if js enabled in the client

PHP is running in the server side,so it has no access to the client’s browser.how to check if the the javascript status of the client’s browser?Technically no way but we may get some way to work out.

setting cookies with JS and detecting them from PHP, see the example code below:

Source code    
if($_SESSION['JSexe']){     //3rd check js
    if($_COOKIE['JS'])  setcookie('JS','JS',time()-1);//check on every page load
    else            header('Location: js.html');
}               //2nd so far it's been server-side scripting. Client-side scripting must be executed once to set second cookie.
                //Without JSexe, user with cookies and js enabled would be sent to js.html the first page load.
elseif($_COOKIE['PHP'])     $_SESSION['JSexe'] = true;
else{               //1st check cookies
    if($_GET['cookie']) header('Location: cookies.html');
                header('Location: '.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].'?cookie=1');
<script type="text/javascript">document.cookie = 'JS=JS'</script>







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Dec 06

linux — How to extract specified file/directory from a tar ball

well,you got a big tar ball file,but in fact you only need some special file or directory.Then you don’t want to extract  all files from the tar ball if it’s a big file.so how to get specified file or directory from a tar ball?

tar command allows to extract a single file or directory using the following format. It works under UNIX, Linux, and BSD operating systems.

tar xvf big.tar filename
tar -zxvf abc.tar.gz directory-name
tar -zxvf abc.tar.gz path/to/directory-name -C /tmp

Keep in mind that both the filename and directory-name should be existed in the tar ball file,and the path is relative to the tar ball root.

Nov 04

open cart — how to create a payment module for open cart

To be honestly, this is my first module for open cart. I know about open cart years ago(2009),but never study in deep.The installation of open cart is straightforward.After some minutes of playing around open cart frontend and admin backend, i decided to start work.

To create a payment module for open cart,first,we need to create all files for a open cart payment module.As we know,open cart was developed in MVC pattern,so all modules will include a model class,controller class and file for View,detail as below
[the name of the new payment module is callled moneybrace]
catalog/controller/payment/moneybrace.php (Controller class)
catalog/model/payment/moneybrace.php  (Model class)
catalog/language/english/payment/moneybrace.php (Language file for View)
catalog/view/theme/default/template/payment/moneybrace.tpl (Template file for View)

It was obviously,all files located under catalog folder is for frontend use,all the others will be called in the admin backend page.

Keep in mind that you must follow the folder structure as the one above.And you’d better put template file in the default theme folder.You would not like to copy and paste file when you change the theme.

Now let’s do some coding work.Let’s start from implementing the payment’s bakend config page.For the Controller class,it should looks like below:

Source code    
class ControllerPaymentMoneybrace extends Controller {
	private $error = array();
	public function index() {
	private function validate() {


The classname must start with ControllerPayment and should be a subclass of Controller.It's very simple,you only need to implement two method: index() and validate() .open cart will help you deal with all the other details.

Below is the language file which stores all lables for all form elements which were used to config the payment module:

Source code    
// Heading
$_['heading_title']			= 'Moneybrace';
// Text
$_['text_payment']			= 'Payment';
$_['text_success']			= 'Success: You have modified Moneybraces!';
$_['text_moneybrace']			= '<a onclick="window.open(\'http://www.moneybrace.com/\');"><img src="http://www.moneybrace.com/templets/default/images/logo.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #EEEEEE;" /></a>';
// Entry
$_['entry_merchantacct']		= 'Merchant Account:';
$_['entry_cert']			= 'Merchant Certificate:';
$_['entry_debug']			= 'Debug Mode:<br/><span class="help">Logs additional information to the system log.</span>';
$_['entry_completed_status']      = 'Completed Status:';
$_['entry_pending_status']		= 'Pending Status:';
$_['entry_processed_status']		= 'Processed Status:';
$_['entry_geo_zone']			= 'Geo Zone:';
$_['entry_status']			= 'Status:';
$_['entry_sort_order']			= 'Sort Order:';
// Error
$_['error_permission']			= 'Warning: You do not have permission to modify payment Moneybrace!';
$_['error_merchantacct']		= 'Merchant Account required!';
$_['error_cert']			= 'Merchant certificates required!';


you need to pay some more attention for the third file,this is where you defined  related configure parameter which will be shown on backend config page. All the configure parameter will be insert into the setting table of the open cart database.The name of the input will be used as config key.You'd better start all key name with same prefix,here i use moneybrace,which is the name of the payment gateway.

Source code    
<?php echo $header; ?>
<div id="content">
  <div class="breadcrumb">
    <?php foreach ($breadcrumbs as $breadcrumb) { ?>
    <?php echo $breadcrumb['separator']; ?><a href="<?php echo $breadcrumb['href']; ?>"><?php echo $breadcrumb['text']; ?></a>
    <?php } ?>
  <?php if ($error_warning) { ?>
  <div class="warning"><?php echo $error_warning; ?></div>
  <?php } ?>
  <div class="box">
    <div class="heading">
      <h1><img src="view/image/payment.png" alt="" /> <?php echo $heading_title; ?></h1>
      <div class="buttons"><a onclick="$('#form').submit();" class="button"><?php echo $button_save; ?></a><a onclick="location = '<?php echo $cancel; ?>';" class="button"><?php echo $button_cancel; ?></a></div>
    <div class="content">
      <form action="<?php echo $action; ?>" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" id="form">
        <table class="form">
            <td><span class="required">*</span> <?php echo $entry_merchantacct; ?></td>
            <td><input type="text" name="moneybrace_merchantacct" value="<?php echo $moneybrace_merchantacct; ?>" />
              <?php if ($error_merchantacct) { ?>
              <span class="error"><?php echo $error_merchantacct; ?></span>
              <?php } ?></td>
            <td><span class="required">*</span> <?php echo $entry_cert; ?></td>
            <td><input type="text" name="moneybrace_cert" value="<?php echo $moneybrace_cert; ?>" />
              <?php if ($error_cert) { ?>
              <span class="error"><?php echo $error_cert; ?></span>
              <?php } ?></td>
            <td><?php echo $entry_debug; ?></td>
            <td><select name="moneybrace_debug">
                <?php if ($moneybrace_debug) { ?>
                <option value="1" selected="selected"><?php echo $text_enabled; ?></option>
                <option value="0"><?php echo $text_disabled; ?></option>
                <?php } else { ?>
                <option value="1"><?php echo $text_enabled; ?></option>
                <option value="0" selected="selected"><?php echo $text_disabled; ?></option>
                <?php } ?>
            <td><?php echo $entry_pending_status; ?></td>
            <td><select name="moneybrace_pending_status_id">
                <?php foreach ($order_statuses as $order_status) { ?>
                <?php if ($order_status['order_status_id'] == $moneybrace_pending_status_id) { ?>
                <option value="<?php echo $order_status['order_status_id']; ?>" selected="selected"><?php echo $order_status['name']; ?></option>
                <?php } else { ?>
                <option value="<?php echo $order_status['order_status_id']; ?>"><?php echo $order_status['name']; ?></option>
                <?php } ?>
                <?php } ?>
            <td><?php echo $entry_processed_status; ?></td>
            <td><select name="moneybrace_processed_status_id">
                <?php foreach ($order_statuses as $order_status) { ?>
                <?php if ($order_status['order_status_id'] == $moneybrace_processed_status_id) { ?>
                <option value="<?php echo $order_status['order_status_id']; ?>" selected="selected"><?php echo $order_status['name']; ?></option>
                <?php } else { ?>
                <option value="<?php echo $order_status['order_status_id']; ?>"><?php echo $order_status['name']; ?></option>
                <?php } ?>
                <?php } ?>
            <td><?php echo $entry_geo_zone; ?></td>
            <td><select name="moneybrace_geo_zone_id">
                <option value="0"><?php echo $text_all_zones; ?></option>
                <?php foreach ($geo_zones as $geo_zone) { ?>
                <?php if ($geo_zone['geo_zone_id'] == $moneybrace_geo_zone_id) { ?>
                <option value="<?php echo $geo_zone['geo_zone_id']; ?>" selected="selected"><?php echo $geo_zone['name']; ?></option>
                <?php } else { ?>
                <option value="<?php echo $geo_zone['geo_zone_id']; ?>"><?php echo $geo_zone['name']; ?></option>
                <?php } ?>
                <?php } ?>
            <td><?php echo $entry_status; ?></td>
            <td><select name="moneybrace_status">
                <?php if ($moneybrace_status) { ?>
                <option value="1" selected="selected"><?php echo $text_enabled; ?></option>
                <option value="0"><?php echo $text_disabled; ?></option>
                <?php } else { ?>
                <option value="1"><?php echo $text_enabled; ?></option>
                <option value="0" selected="selected"><?php echo $text_disabled; ?></option>
                <?php } ?>
            <td><?php echo $entry_sort_order; ?></td>
            <td><input type="text" name="moneybrace_sort_order" value="<?php echo $moneybrace_sort_order; ?>" size="1" /></td>
<?php echo $footer; ?>

This file define the following config parameter for the moneybrace open cart payment module:

Source code    

By now we had finished all development for the payment backend configure page. let's move forward to develop the main logic the payment module will do -- generating a form with all the payment infomation.
Below is the controller class.Make sure the class name start with ControllerPayment,and it must have  an index method to init all form element value. The class also define a callback() method, which will be used to receive and process payment result. You can name it  whatever you like,but you should told the payment gateway the correct method to call when payment is done.

Source code    
/* Moneybrace online payment
 * @version 1.0
 * @date 11/03/2012
 * @author george zheng <xinhaozheng@gmail.com>
 * @more info available on mzcart.com
class ControllerPaymentMoneybrace extends Controller {
	protected function index() {
		$this->data['button_confirm'] = $this->language->get('button_confirm');
		$this->data['action'] = 'https://payment.moneybrace.com/payment/paypage.aspx';
		$order_info = $this->model_checkout_order->getOrder($this->session->data['order_id']);
		if ($order_info) {
		    $this->data['merchantid'] = trim($this->config->get('moneybrace_merchantacct'));
			$this->data['encoding'] = 'utf-8';
			$this->data['transtype'] = 'IC';
			$this->data['version'] = '1.0.0';
			$this->data['orderid'] = date('His') . $this->session->data['order_id'];
			switch($this->session->data['language']) {
				case 'de':
					 $this->data['language'] = 'de-de';
				case 'fr':
					 $this->data['language'] = 'fr-fr';
				case 'it':
					 $this->data['language'] = 'it-it';
				case 'es':
					 $this->data['language'] = 'es-es';
				case 'pt':
					 $this->data['language'] = 'pt-pt';
				case 'jp':
					 $this->data['language'] = 'ja-jp';
					 $this->data['language'] = 'en-us';
			$this->data['callbackurl'] = $this->url->link('payment/moneybrace/callback');
			$this->data['browserbackurl'] = $this->url->link('checkout/success');
			$this->data['accessurl'] = 'https://payment.moneybrace.coms';
			$this->data['orderdate'] = date('YmdHis');
			$this->data['currency'] = $order_info['currency_code'];
            $allowed_cur = array('USD', 'EUR', 'GBP', 'CAD', 'AUD', 'JPY');
			$currency = $_SESSION['currency'];
			if ( !in_array($currency, $allowed_cur)) {
				$currency = 'USD';
			$this->data['orderamount'] = $this->currency->format($order_info['total'], $currency , false, false);
			$this->data['first_name'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['payment_firstname'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['last_name'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['payment_lastname'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['billemail'] = $order_info['email'];
			$this->data['billphone'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['telephone'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['billaddress'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['payment_address_1'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['billcountry'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['payment_iso_code_2'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['billprovince'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['payment_zone'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');;
			$this->data['billcity'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['payment_city'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['billpost'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['payment_postcode'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['deliveryname'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['shipping_firstname'] . $order_info['shipping_lastname'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['deliveryaddress'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['shipping_address_1'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['deliverycity'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['shipping_city'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['deliverycountry'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['shipping_iso_code_2'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['deliveryprovince'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['shipping_zone'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['deliveryemail'] = $order_info['email'];
			$this->data['deliveryphone'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['telephone'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$this->data['deliverypost'] = html_entity_decode($order_info['shipping_postcode'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
			$strProducts = '';
			$htmlProducts = '';
			foreach ($this->cart->getProducts() as $product) {
			    $pname = trim(str_replace('"', '', $product['name']));
			    if ( $pname == '' && $strProducts == '' && $htmlProducts = '') {
				    $pname = 'Order ' . $this->data['orderid'];
					$psn = $this->data['orderid'];
					$qty = 1;
					$price = $this->currency->format($product['price'], $currency, false, false);
				    $strProducts = 'Order ' . $this->data['orderid'] . '1';
					$htmlProducts = '<input name="productname1" value="" ' . $pname . ' />' .
									'<input name="productsn1" value="" ' . $psn . '/>' .
									'<input name="quantity1" value="" ' . $qty . ' />' .
									'<input name="unit1" value="" ' . $price . '/>' ;
				$psn = $product['model'];
				$qty = $product['quantity'];
				$price = $this->currency->format($product['price'], $currency, false, false);
				$strProducts =  $pname . $psn . $qty . $price;
				$htmlProducts = '<input type="hidden" name="productname1" value="' . $pname . '" />' .
								'<input type="hidden" name="productsn1" value="' . $psn . '" />' .
								'<input type="hidden" name="quantity1" value="' . $qty . '" />' .
								'<input type="hidden" name="unit1" value="' . $price . '"/>' ;
			$this->data['htmlProducts'] = $htmlProducts;
			$cert = $this->config->get('moneybrace_cert');
			$strSource =$cert . $this->data['version'] . $this->data['encoding'] . $this->data['language'] . $this->data['merchantid'] .
			$this->data['orderid'] . $this->data['orderdate'] . $this->data['currency'] . $this->data['orderamount'] . $this->data['transtype'] .
			$this->data['callbackurl'] . $this->data['browserbackurl'] . $this->data['accessurl'] .
            $strProducts .
			$this->data['billaddress'] . $this->data['billcountry'] . $this->data['billprovince'] . $this->data['billcity'] .
			$this->data['billemail'] . $this->data['billphone'] . $this->data['billpost'] .
			$this->data['deliveryname'] . $this->data['deliveryaddress'] . $this->data['deliverycountry'] . $this->data['deliveryprovince'] .
			$this->data['deliverycity'] . $this->data['deliveryemail'] . $this->data['deliveryphone'] . $this->data['deliverypost'];
            if ($this->config->get('moneybrace_debug')) {
				$this->log->write('Submit source string:' . $strSource);
			$signature = md5($strSource);
			$this->data['signature'] = $signature;
			if (file_exists(DIR_TEMPLATE . $this->config->get('config_template') . '/template/payment/moneybrace.tpl')) {
				$this->template = $this->config->get('config_template') . '/template/payment/moneybrace.tpl';
			} else {
				$this->template = 'default/template/payment/moneybrace.tpl';
	public function callback() {
		if (isset($this->request->post['orderid'])) {
			$order_id = trim(substr(($this->request->post['orderid']), 6));
		} else {
			die('Illegal Access');
		$order_info = $this->model_checkout_order->getOrder($order_id);
		if ($order_info) {
		    $data = array_merge($this->request->post,$this->request->get);
			foreach ($data as $key => $value) {
				${$k} = $value;
			for($i=1;$i<=10;$i++) {
				if(!isset($data['productname'.$i]) || $data['productname'.$i] == '') {
				$product = $product . $data['productname'.$i] . $data['productsn'.$i] . $data['quantity'.$i] . $data['unit'.$i];
			$cert = $this->config->get('moneybrace_cert');
			$strSource = $cert . $version . $encoding . $lang . $merchantid . $transtype . $orderid .
            $orderdate . $currency. $orderamount . $paycurrency . $payamount .$remark1 . $remark2 .
            $remark3 .  $product . $shippingfee . $deliveryname . $deliveryaddress . $deliverycountry .$deliveryprovince.
            $deliverycity . $deliveryemail . $deliveryphone . $deliverypost . $transid . $transdate . $status;
			if ($this->config->get('moneybrace_debug')) {
				$this->log->write('Return source string:' . $strSource);
			if ( $getsignature != $signature) {
			    $order_status_id = $this->config->get('moneybrace_pending_status_id');
			    $this->model_checkout_order->confirm($order_id, $this->config->get('config_order_status_id'));
			    die('Data validate failed');
			//payment was made succ
			if ($status == 'Y' || $status == 'y') {
			    $order_status_id = $this->config->get('moneybrace_processed_status_id');
				if (!$order_info['order_status_id'] || $order_info['order_status_id'] != $order_status_id) {
					$this->model_checkout_order->confirm($order_id, $order_status_id);
				} else {
					$this->model_checkout_order->update($order_id, $order_status_id);

Let's take a look at the model class of the moneybrace payment module:

Source code    
/* Moneybrace online payment
 * @version 1.0
 * @date 11/03/2012
 * @author george zheng <xinhaozheng@gmail.com>
 * @more info available on mzcart.com
class ModelPaymentMoneybrace extends Model {
  	public function getMethod($address, $total) {
		$query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM " . DB_PREFIX . "zone_to_geo_zone WHERE geo_zone_id = '" . (int)$this->config->get('moneybrace_geo_zone_id') . "' AND country_id = '" . (int)$address['country_id'] . "' AND (zone_id = '" . (int)$address['zone_id'] . "' OR zone_id = '0')");
		if ($this->config->get('moneybrace_total') > $total) {
			$status = false;
		} elseif (!$this->config->get('moneybrace_geo_zone_id')) {
			$status = true;
		} elseif ($query->num_rows) {
			$status = true;
		} else {
			$status = false;
		$currencies = array(
		if (!in_array(strtoupper($this->currency->getCode()), $currencies)) {
			$status = false;
		$method_data = array();
		if ($status) {
      		$method_data = array(
        		'code'       => 'moneybrace',
        		'title'      => $this->language->get('text_title'),
				'sort_order' => $this->config->get('moneybrace_sort_order')
    	return $method_data;

If you want to limit the payment module only available to some order over a preset amount,or limit the payment module only available to some countries,currency, you can implement the logic here in the getMethod() method of model class.

Source code    
/* Moneybrace online payment
 * @version 1.0
 * @date 11/03/2012
 * @author george zheng <xinhaozheng@gmail.com>
 * @more info available on mzcart.com
// Text
$_['text_title']    = '<img src="http://moneybrace.com/pic/mblogo.gif" alt="Moneybrace" style="border:none" />';
$_['text_reason'] 	= 'REASON';
$_['text_total']	= 'Shipping, Handling, Discounts & Taxes';


Source code    
<form action="<?php echo $action; ?>" method="post">
	<input type="hidden" name="merchantid" value="<?php echo $merchantid; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="orderid" value="<?php echo $orderid; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="encoding" value="<?php echo $encoding; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden"  name="transtype" value="<?php echo $transtype; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="language" value="<?php echo $language; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="callbackurl" value="<?php echo $callbackurl; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="browserbackurl" value="<?php echo $browserbackurl; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="accessurl" value="<?php echo $accessurl; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="orderdate" value="<?php echo $orderdate; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="currency" value="<?php echo $currency; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="orderamount" value="<?php echo $orderamount; ?>" />
    <?php echo $htmlProducts; ?>
	<input type="hidden" name="version" value="<?php echo $version; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="billemail" value="<?php echo $billemail; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="billphone" value="<?php echo $billphone; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="billaddress" value="<?php echo $billaddress; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="billcountry" value="<?php echo $billcountry; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="billprovince" value="<?php echo $billprovince; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="billcity" value="<?php echo $billcity; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="billpost" value="<?php echo $billpost; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="deliveryname" value="<?php echo $deliveryname; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="deliveryaddress" value="<?php echo $deliveryaddress; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="deliverycity" value="<?php echo $deliverycity; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="deliverycountry" value="<?php echo $deliverycountry; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="deliveryprovince" value="<?php echo $deliveryprovince; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="deliveryemail" value="<?php echo $deliveryemail; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="deliveryphone" value="<?php echo $deliveryphone; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="deliverypost" value="<?php echo $deliverypost; ?>" />
	<input type="hidden" name="signature" value="<?php echo $signature; ?>" />
	<div class="buttons">
	<div class="right">
	    <input type="submit" value="<?php echo $button_confirm; ?>" class="button" />