WHM — How to create acct from command line

how to create a whm reseller acct and assign a domain?WHM/Cpanel comes with a lot of script located in /script  directory. The /script/wwwacct can be usefull to create acct from ssh. So to create a new acct,we need to take a look at its syntax,run the command below from ssh:


It will print:

Please use the this syntax
wwwacct <domain> <user> <pass> <quota> <cpmod[advanced/?]> <ip[y/n]> <cgi[y/n]> <frontpage[y/n]> <maxftp> <maxsql> <maxpop> <maxlst> <maxsub> <bwlimit> <hasshell[y]/[n]> <owner> <plan> <maxpark> <maxaddon> <featurelist> <contactemail> <use_registered_nameservers> <language>

So,we need to supply domain,user ,pass etc,for example,

/scripts/wwwacct abcd.com abcd  ‘password’  0 x3 y y y 0 0 0 0 0 0 n root 0 0 0 ” ” 0 en

This can be very usefull if you need to create a lot of new acct. The drawback is that we need to confirm for every acct.The comfirmation may can be bypassed  with sleep and echo command.

2 thoughts on “WHM — How to create acct from command line

  1. Hello

    how to specify only parameters for /usr/local/cpanel/bin/wwwacct ?
    It want’s all parameters:

    Unable to validate setting for cpmod: USERNAME.
    Unable to validate numeric setting for quota: -owner.

  2. hi,i create a script with WHM XML/JSON API.so now i can create acct on all my server from single interface with a form.